KEA Copenhagen

An international multi-disciplinary design charette curated by KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. The charette focused on working with various communities throughout the city of Copenhagen to solve critical design issues with a group of international students. I was nominated by Otis College’s Communication Arts department chair, Kali Nikitas, and Creative Action Director, Richard Shelton, to attend the workshop with five other Otis students from different departments.

The group I worked with included students from all over the world who study in different fields. Group members included Lavinia studying architecture in Berlin, Goktug studying spacial design in Milan, Kathleen studying graphic design in Toronto, Rubee studying advertising in Hong Kong, and Laura studying digital design in the Netherlands. The premise for this collaborative project was to address the segregation within a less popular neighborhood in Copenhagen and promote more foot traffic in the neglected area.

We worked with two organizations from the community of Copenhagen. One group we worked with was Goldschmidt Music Academy, a private music school who offers free music education to children and young people. One of their many goals is to promote social relationships and strengthen communities across cultural and social differences in an atmosphere of trust and commitment.

The second group was TEMPI. They work to promote and spread music, not only Danish and Nordic but also other traditions from around the globe. TEMPI discussed how they are interested in new concert formats, including physical and digital dissemination. They also expressed wanting to incorporate existing environments. Both organizations shared the common theme of helping to spread knowledge and access to music.

Our team came to the conclusion, in order to satisfy the needs of both parties we needed to design an interactive space that could be used to host events and attract groups of people.


Emaljehaven Park

We chose this location based on its close proximity to Goldschmidt Music Academy. The location included a large park and a plaza near a couple residential areas. The plaza appeared to be vacant each time we passed by. Emaljehaven Park has lots of potential to become a hot spot for community gatherings and events.  


Red and Black Square

Logo Concept


Preliminary Sketches

Sound Textiles

Installation Components

Stage Design


Interactive Skirt Driver

Aaron Gonzalez

Aaron Gonzalez is an illustrator.