Wende Museum

I was commisioned to design and live screen print a poster for the Wende Museum’s public opening exhibtion of “Crumbling Empire: The Power of Dissident Voices,” featuring Shepard Fairey, Komar & Melamid, and Soviet artists of the 1980’s and 90’s, drawn from the Wende’s Tom and Jeri Ferris Collection and the Ron Mirello Soviet Poster Show Collection. The opening’s live screen printing event had a really good response and led me to being invited back to print at the museum’s Family Day the following week.

People hanging out at the Wende was the premise for the design. The idea was to make the printmaking event interactive and have some of the guests pull their own print. The figures integrated around the Museum’s logo were designed with no features with the intention of the guests customizing their print after they printed it.

Aaron Gonzalez

Aaron Gonzalez is an illustrator.