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KEA Copenhagen Charette

Head in the Clouds {Otis Centennial Illustration}

me at the centennail illustrationcentennial illustration

In 2018, Otis College of Art and Design is celebrating 100 years of being an established art and design school in Los Angeles. This marks years of molding young artists and designers into being our world’s most innovative culture contributors. For their centennial celebration, they put out a call for submissions asking students to create an image that reflects 100% commitment and passion for students who attend Otis. The winner of the contest would have their image installed at 100″x100″ in a high traffic area of the school, have their image on various forms of merchandise, be published in the digital and printed school newspaper, and receive a cash prize.

My illustration was selected and was received very well by the Otis community. My concept illustrates how all ideas begin at the drawing board, no matter the discipline. From the drawing board, the character arrives at Otis and upon arrival is introduced to tons of opportunities and ways of working. Each department at Otis is represented in the illustration through objects and symbols. The departments include Illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Product Design, Toy Design, Fine Arts, and Architecture. I’m honored to have been selected to represent Otis for their centennial celebration.

Have You Seen My Charger?


“Have You Seen My Charger” is a potential ad campaign for the Apple outlet charger. The concept behind this campaign was to pair the clean simple aesthetic of the charger with illustrations that give the object life and character. The charger was chosen because of its contemporary presence in our culture and how in a way it documents a time period. Technology is evolving so rapidly, this object may be outdated within a few years and put it in the same category as a CD or cassette.  I also used this as an opportunity to dig deep and produce lots of ideas out of something as simple as a cube. I created 101 iterations and compiled them into a small book. The images above showcase a few of my favorites.

Beach Face

Juanitos facebeach face printIMG_0748

Beach Face was an extensive project where I built off the concept of someone thinking about the beach. Our imagination moves at such a fast pace; once we think of one image, we immediately jump to another where there is sometimes an overlap of images. The overlap of images conjured up in our minds is the idea I wanted to communicate. It began with 16 paintings painted on 4″x6″ blocks of wood. These paintings incorporated beach imagery in a hybrid format. From there, I chose my favorites to include in the silhouette of the human head thinking about the beach. I hand-cut a piece of wood with a bandsaw into the shape of a head. I painted my favorite images into this silhouette so that they would live together in the character’s mind. This final painting was made to be in a group art show at Clean Aesthetic. I wanted to sell prints based off of this painting at the art show, so I simplified the colors and screen printed a 3-color edition of 50 prints.

Hot Tropics

hot tropics adidas matchcourt layouthot tropics [white]

Surface design is a field I love exploring. It gives a decorative illustration the opportunity to live on various surfaces. I felt this painting would make for a good summer colorway on a pair of adidas. The colorful foliage wrapped around the shoe allows for an organic aesthetic making the design feel natural. The unconventional color palette was inspired by the original Alice in Wonderland children’s book.

Fistful of Flowers

fistful of flowers 1 [front]front zoomedbackback zoomed

Fistful of Flowers is a favorite of mine. It represents growth, giving, happiness, and the flower child in most of us. The two illustrations were drawn on the same day and it only made sense to find a home that was suitable for them to live together. A shirt felt like the perfect place where they can inspire giving and growth on the go.

Mayan Type Design

Mayan-type-design copy

This typeface was inspired by the handpainted signage located on the side of The Mayan Nightclub in Downtown Los Angeles. My process for creating this alphabet involved drawing out each letter and making each one into a stencil. From there, I filled each stencil with brown paint using a sponge to create an ancient distressed look, similar to The Mayan’s current aesthetic.

Hidden {Pocket Tee}

hidden shirt


in the plants [single]

Chaotic Crowds

chaotic crowds shirt

chaotic crowds

United Faces




House Plants

house plant shirt


Cheesy Giraffe Fries {stickers}



Flying Pig




Loud Silence

Women Against Gun Violence (WAGV) is a national organization whose efforts to create awareness and prevent gun violence are phenomenal. Once a year, they host a fundraiser brunch to get together with members and reward certain individuals for their efforts. This poster, among a few others, was chosen to represent their 2018 campaign during their 25 year anniversary, where I was invited to attend the fundraiser brunch. The concept for this poster came from the March For Our Lives rally held in Washington D.C. The term “loud silence” came from Emma Gonzalez’s speech where she led an extremely powerful moment of silence for those lost in a devastating school shooting. The media referred to the moment of silence as one of the loudest silences in history. The term also refers to the silence that comes after the shock of a gun being shot in public. The poster is made up of an illustration depicting a peaceful silent protest. Each character from the poster was drawn from those who attended the March For Our Lives rally, with a portrait of Emma Gonzalez in the center below the “u” in loud.

Bless It
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